Frequently Asked Questions

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Is it free to list my actor profile with

Yes, it is absolutely free. There is never a charge to have your profile listed on We are here to help get positive exposure for actors in Indiana! Good luck and have fun!

Can I list a voice artist or model profile with

No, we do not. We used to list profiles for voice artists and models, but now only list profiles for actor. Sorry!

Do you allow youth profiles on

No, we do not. We used to list youth profiles as actors, voice artists and models, but parents were not keeping their children's profiles current. At one point we had a list of profiles for youth, in all categories, that were actually 5 to 10 years older than what their originally posted profile stated. Sorry! (We actually have the same issue with some adult profiles.)

How do I post an actor profile?

Simply complete our profile form. It is that easy! Submit your profile now!

Can I post a casting call on no longer accepts casting calls through our website, but you are more than welcome to post your casting call on our Facebook page.

Does offer acting classes?

No. lists available classes offered by others. Visit our acting class/resources page.

Does represent actors?

No. does not represent anyone. We only give actors a place to gain positive exposure and list their actor profile.

Is a talent agency?

No. is not a talent agency of any kind. We only give actors a place to gain positive exposure and list their profile. Submit your profile now!

Does hold auditions for film or theater?

No. does not hold auditions. and no longer accepts casting calls.

What are the guidelines for submitting photos for my actor profile?

There are quite a few guidelines, actually. Your head shots must be no less than 200 pixels wide. You must have at least one actual head shot with your complete face fully visible or your profile will not be approved. desires for this site to be professional in appearance and for you to succeed. reserves the right to refuse to use any photo that does not abide by the guidelines that are fully listed on the photo submission page. View the guidelines on our head shot submission page.

How do I submit new head shots to replace the head shots already in my actor profile?

Submit new actor head shots here and let us know in the comment section that they are new. Simple as that!

What is the meaning of life?

We really have no idea what the meaning of life is, but we do know that you have the power to make your life happy, stay happy and share happy with others. Read John 3:16 and Philippians 4:13 in the Bible. Those verses certainly helped us to be happy! We love sharing our happy!

How do I delete my actor profile?

If you must leave us, visit this link to request to have us remove your profile. Request your profile be removed.