Indy Actors Academy

Indy Actor's Academy offers workshops on a monthly basis in the Indianapolis area. Each month different topics of study are presented in a workshop environment allowing participants to work on craft, camera technique, as well as business strategies.

The workshops are designed to keep your chops in shape and help you grow. In addition, we work with you on marketing and business strategies to help maximize your network and opportunities in the local and regional markets.

Jim's students have booked work on local commercials, indie films, and broadcast television: Greenleaf, The Walking Dead, Empire, Manhunt: Unibomber, Halt and Catch Fire, Chicago P.D., and Ozark.

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The Actor's Workshop - Bob Berry

The Actors Workshop was founded in 1990 by professional actor Bob Berry. Berry saw the need in Indianapolis for a place where aspiring actors could learn the basics of acting and develop a further appreciation of the craft.
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KjN On-Camera Studios – Acting and Reel Production 

Private Sessions Only: Directed by Karl J. Niemiec to fit your working schedule. Limited to 6 actors per month. 

For the professional minded actor. All On-Camera Private Session Monologues are written and designed for your personal acting needs. They feature: Intense, frame by frame study of centering and finding your hero-face, eliminating camera quirks, freeing emotions, and memorization while breaking down the script into images. 

No matter what your experience, one session changes everything, and is geared to prepare the actor for bigger markets.  

Actors take their work home every session to study and add to their reel folders. Specializing in On-Camera Auditions.

Private Sessions - $30 per one-hour (Parents invited to attend.)

What Actors Say: KjN On-Camera Studios: 
Reel Production
 — Two minutes in length,  written and directed by Karl J. Niemiec.  Includes written materials, taping and editing. (Invitation only.)

Skype Sessions Available 
Flexible Schedule: $30 one-hour

Lumière Academy

Lumière Academy engages students on a monthly basis, often in six week semesters.  It is our mission statement to help facilitate professionals that are entering or currently in the business of screen acting and print modeling.  We are not a school that pushes theory but rather practicality and anyalitical thought.  Our students spend their time on camera building experience in a real live commercial space on set every week.

Our staff pride themselves as professional actors themselves with working resumes and present day knowledge of the business in Indianapolis and surrounding cities.  We teach Working With an Agent(s), Translating Scripts, How the Top Bookers are Preparing, TelePrompter Work, Auditioning, Set Work, Reels, Self Taping and surviving as a professional actor and print model.  Classes are built based specifically on what agencies have requested their professionals know to compete and win work.

Benjamin Madrid has been an actor with more than 13 agents all over the US and has booked hundreds of jobs from commercial to TV/Film.  He is currently a graduate student at Purdue University with a background in study from The Groundlings, Second City and the IO Theater and a working professional actor/model.  He also served as the Director of Business Development for the Helen Wells Agency where he met with thousands of directors, production companies and ad agencies all over the midwestern region.  

Our promise: You will leave Lumière Academy with a complete knowledge and experience of how and what you need to be a professional working screen actor and/or print model.

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