This Policy is a guide to the acceptable use of Indiana services (Services). Any Member, organization, sponsor or individual connected to Indiana, in order to use it directly, must comply with this policy and the stated purposes and Acceptable Use policies of any portion of the site used.

Each Member, organization, sponsor or individual is responsible for ensuring that they are familiar with this policy or an equivalent policy. In addition, each Member, organization, sponsor or individual is encouraged to report any infractions of this policy or any other policy attached to this website.

The following guidelines will be applied to determine whether or not a particular use of the Services is appropriate:

1. Users must respect the privacy of others. Users shall not intentionally seek information on, or represent themselves as, another user unless explicitly authorized to do so by that user. Nor shall Users obtain copies of, or modify files, other data, or passwords belonging to others or to Indiana

2. Users must respect the legal protection applied to programs, data, photographs, music, written documents and other material as provided by copyright, trademark, patent, licensure and other proprietary rights mechanisms.

3. Use should be consistent with guiding ethical statements and accepted community standards. Use of the Services for malicious, fraudulent, or misrepresentative purposes is not acceptable.

4. The Services may not be used in ways that violate applicable laws or regulations.

5. Unsolicited advertising is not acceptable. No advertisements will be allowed in a profile. Profiles may only include information pertaining to the profile.

6. Repeated, unsolicited and/or unwanted communication of an intrusive nature is strictly prohibited. Continuing to send e-mail messages or other communications to an individual or organization after being asked to stop is not acceptable.

7. It is the responsIbility of each member to keep their contact information up to date. If there is a complaint that an e-mail address for a specific member is not accepting e-mail or is no longer active, the profile may be deleted if the talent cannot be contacted by any other method by Indiana to get an updated e-mail address. A profile may be deleted at the discretion of Indiana without notice and without explanation.

8. The intent of this policy is to identify certain types of uses that are not appropriate, but this policy does not necessarily enumerate all possible inappropriate uses. Using the guidelines given above, Indiana may at any time make a determination that a particular use is not appropriate.

9. Indiana will not monitor or judge the content of information and/or communications transmitted via telephone, fax, snail mail or e-mail or in person between members or entities trying to obtain talent of the Users. Indiana will investigate complaints of possible inappropriate use. In the course of investigating complaints, Indiana staff will safeguard the privacy of all parties and will themselves follow the guidelines given in this policy and in Indiana's Privacy Policy. Indiana will only release sensitive, confidential or personally identifiable information to third parties when required by law, or when in Indiana's judgment, release is required to prevent serious injury or harm that could result from violation of this policy.

10. Indiana will not post, accept, link to or ask for nude photos of any kind.

11. Indiana reserves the right to deny a profile to anyone who has links to pornographic material or is deemed pornographic in any way. Child pornography will be immediately reported to the proper authorities.

12. Indiana reserves the right to deny a profile to anyone who misrepresents themselves in any manner or fashion.

13. Indiana reserves the right to deny a profile to anyone who submits a profile fraudulently. If a profile is deemed to be fraudulent in any fashion, whether by misrepresentation or any other reason, Indiana Actors reserves the right to notify and warn members, and the general public, and will make a public announcement in the site to warn of such activity.

14. Indiana is not responsible for any content of any outside link. Indiana will not link to an outside website from a profile that is not related to the talent or art for which the profile was submitted. Indiana is not responsible for any contacts made between any person, party, business or organization that may misrepresent themselves to any member, It is up to each member to determine the validity of anyone who may contact them through Indiana

Inappropriate Use

Any determination by of inappropriate use by any Member, organization, sponsor or individual will be grounds for profile and membership deletion.

By voluntarily submitting a profile, the person submitting agrees to all of the terms listed above as well as the Terms of Use.

(Acceptable Use Policy subject to change without notice)